What is DeployModel?

What is DeployModel?

DeployModel aims at transforming the way A.I. companies deploy, scale, and monetize their applications. With DeployModel, you can launch your models to production in minutes and unlock new revenue opportunities. All without the need to deal with complex DevOps tasks.

Build. Deploy. Monetize.

Infrastructure Simplified

  • Launch Quickly: Go from development to production in no time, using your favorite tools.
  • Auto-Scaling: Deploy once, launch globally. Your applications scale freely (within your specified limits).
  • Focus on Innovation: Free your developers and researchers from deployment tasks, allowing them to concentrate on creating innovative models.

Flexible Monetization

  • Varied Monetization Models: Whether it's per request, per month, or through licensing, choose the monetization model that fits your needs best.

Integration and Efficiency

  • Flexible Integration: Work with your preferred tools and launch with ours for a seamless development experience.
  • Quickstart Templates: Access templates for LLM, Vision, Voice, and more to kickstart your projects.
  • Free or Pay As You Go: Only pay for what you use with no hidden fees or subscriptions. It's free when using Licensing.

A.I. Optimized

  • Optimization: Let our A.I. assistant test and optimize your models, ensuring efficient use of resources.

Discover how DeployModel can transform your approach to building, deploying, and monetizing A.I. applications, starting today.